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I've been using Zoiper (over UDP) for a while now but due to a few (timing) problems, I've switched to TCP yesterday. It was working fine until early today when my zoiper went into a state that it was unable to register (register timeout 408).

Situation is as follows:

- Green zoiper tick is missing from notificationsbar in android.
- Zoiper shows "register timeout 408", no incoming calls possible. Asterisk "sip peers" command shows the extension as unreachable.


  • I start a tcpdump which suggests that Zoiper sends a "tcp syn" to port 5060.
  • The server responds with a "tcp sync ack" and zoiper answers with a "tcp ack".
  • In the meanwhile, asterisk expects a REGISTER to occur, but after 30 seconds it still hasn't received a proper response and sends a "tcp fin" to zoiper.

It seems that in some situations, Zoiper keeps using the same port (in my debuglog port 56630) when sending the REGISTER to the server.

Here is a link to a zip containing some zoiper debuglogs as well as a tcpdump:

In the end, the problem is solved if I exit Zoiper completely.

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Which is the exact version of Android that you are running on your devices?
Try using TLS transport or have your  server use port different than 5060.

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Thanks for your response.

The device is a Moto G (XT1032) running on Android 5.1.

I haven't configured TLS yet, but would that differ much with TCP except for the encryption?

Did you try using different ports?

I have configured TLS and Asterisk debug shows it is using port 5061 instead of 5060. So far, the problem hasn't occured again (only been testing for one day).

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