Zoiper Android - Getting Voice mail 1 new voice messages each time I start the app

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Hi, I'm running Android 12 and Zoiper version 2.19.6 and have purchased the combo pack.

Each time I start Zoiper I get a notification: Voice mail - 1 new voice messages.

I've checked for voicemails for my extension on the VOIP 3CX server and there are none there. I've dialed 99 and checked voicemail from the Zoiper app and there are none there. I've gone through all the Zoiper app settings but can't see anything related to voicemail setting notifications. I've removed and re-added the VOIP account but get the same issue.

What do you think could be causing this?

asked Jul 21, 2022 in Android by jimmyjames (190 points)  

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