Connection error 3 - No route to destination, when choosing contacts from the list

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iOS user: When I try to call a person from my contacts I get the "Connection error: 3, No route to destination" error message. If i use the dialpad to enter the phone number then everything is fine. But this means I have to memorize all the phone numbers in order to place a call. Why I am not able just to select a contact from the list and call? Please advice how to fix this issue. Thanks.

asked Dec 18, 2015 in iOS by dsuna (220 points)  

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You would need to use the Strip Dial Character feature of Zoiper for iOS. This is required due to the fact that when you are saving numbers to your Contact list iOS is adding specific symbols - dashes, brackets, empty spaces, etc., according to the region settings.

To use the Strip Dial Character, go to your account configuration and open the Number rewriting section, then add the empty space and other symbols that you would need to strip, but are not present. Save the settings and you should be ready to make calls properly from the contacts.

answered Dec 18, 2015 by Ivan (18,410 points)  
selected Dec 18, 2015 by Katina

Thanks, works now.

I need to strip +1 from my callback numbers on my Windows Zoiper.  However, I cannot find anywhere to do this in Settings.  Please provide greater detail.

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