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I have difficulties starting with Zoiper. I tried to activate my account, but it says "registration failed / no DNS results / Error 923". My VoIP provider is ippi.com. I've already asked them to check what may be the issue...but they confirmed that all my setting info are correct. So, I don't know what went wrong.

Are you familiar with the problem ? What can I do to fix it ?

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Just try as suggested by the first answer - use the IP instead of domain name. The SIP 923 means that the domain name cannot be resolved.

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succede la stessa cosa anche a me,a volte poi improvvisamente si registra automaticamente,a volte devo riavviare il dispositivo specialmente se passo da 3G a Wifi.

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If on Windows, go to command prompt (start-run-cmd), or in terminal (if on Linux) and type in   

nslookup ippi.com

Copy down the first IP address shown

...I went back to my smartphone (connected through router wifi), and entered this:

Put IP as Host Address.  I did not specify a port on mine. (Zoiper Premium)

Left Outbound Proxy blank.

In Zoiper--- Config (wheel) --- Connectivity -- Listening Ports -- I unchecked the first port 5060. Left the others checked.


The PC laptop has Zoiper free version. Pretty much the same, except I could enter the Host Address by name; didn't have to put in IP and it works fine.

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