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Longtime Counterpath Bria user - migrating to Zoiper due to the recurring Engineering amateur hour with perennially broken call management support for Plantronics headsets and broken Outlook 2016 x64 integration in particular.

Have a couple of issues getting Zoiper configured. Am running Zoiper Biz 3.14.38765 x64, Outlook 2016 x64, Win7.

The key one is that Zoiper isn't matching inbound caller-ids to phone numbers in the Contacts list. 

e.g. an inbound call comes in showing phone number 0412345678 and there is a (direct-integration Outlook) contact showing in the contacts list as (04) 1234-5678, but Zoiper doesn't match the two.

The caller-id remains showing as 0412345678 rather than being matched as John Smith or whatever.  

It's as though Zoiper is being confused by the display mask used by Outlook and not recognising the underlying phone number match.

Is this a configuration item in Zoiper?



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Zoiper does not parse the incoming calls to the outlook contacts. We have this in our feature requests list;

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As this answer is older then an year, is this feature in some progress? Can this information be found somewhere? Thx EE

Zoiper5 has this functionality, however it will not be backported to Zoiper3.

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Zoiper5 has this functionality, however it will not be backported to Zoiper3.

Thanks Tsetso.Zdravkov  
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