Okay folks. You have been promising Hotkeys for Zoiper desktop for YEARS!!! Where is it???

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You have been promising Hotkeys for Zoiper desktop for  YEARS!!! Where is it???

Let's get a push on for this.  

Why would I buy Zoiper without Hotkeys if I can buy Ninja Pro and other softphones which have Hotkeys?

I like Zoiper.  But, I use it constantly every day and it is very cumbersome without the Hotkeys.  I would pay for them.

Let's move this Hotkeys feature to the front of the development line!   Please!

Are we any closer yet?

asked Apr 4, 2017 in Windows by C. Pierre Orantes (360 points)  

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If you are on Windows you could use Autohotkey, I stumbled over this software and did some zoipering, Hotkeys work even if Zoiper is not active (though it has to be startet). I would appreciate any suggestions or support.

I added the following Hotkeys for the Numpad

Ctrl + Enter = pickup

Ctrl + 0 = hangup

Ctrl + [1-9] = transfer to (*3[1-9]#)

Ctrl + , = take back transfer

Alt + [1-9] = direct call [1-9]

Ctrl + - = strip and call highlighted number

Alt + 0 = show functions


Edit: missed the Link:


I work with the Zoiper Phone Interface 2, as the pressing of buttons is based on the position there needs to be other "coordinates" for other styles.

answered Jun 30, 2017 by oberon (250 points)  
edited Jul 4, 2017 by oberon

Can you send me what your autohotkey file contains?

The content of the file is at:


If you need any help feel free to contact me.

I am using Zoiper 5.  I would like help programming a AutoHotKey script for this version.  

I want to: answer, hangup, transfer, and attended transfer, and record/stop record

Sorry for the late reply. We are partly still sticking to the old Zoiper version and hesitating to upgrade. The reason is the "flexible" design of Zoiper5 which makes using Autohotkey a little more complicated yet not impossible. Just started to seriously work with it, so if you are still interested we could stay in touch. Just received the newsletter which led me to the command line options. At least everything but answering seems to be easy that way. I will start a thread to ask for the answer / pick-up function which I doubt will be command lineable.


We have raised a bit the priority of the hotkeys, so they might appear soon for Zoiper5. Unfortunately I cannot tell exactly when. 

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