One way audio after upfate Zoiper from 1.19.18 to 2.0.58 or Zoiper Beta

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I am using Zoiper on my android devices for incoming calls from another mobile and fixed networks.

When I was on the old version 1.19.8 everything was OK. But after updates to the newer versions every time I have one way audio. When somebody calls me to Zoiper, he hears me, but I can't hear.

I tried all the proposed solutions in Zoiper site (RPORT, STUN disable, transport type, audio driver), but no effect.

It's interesting that occurs only when I am using mobile internet (2G, 3G, 4G).

My VoiP vendor doesn't have a solution, they told me to remove Zoiper and use SipDroid. I tried with SIPDroit, it works, but the software is unstable and not reliable. I prefer to use Zoiper.

Then I found in internet again the old version 1.19.18 and now it's OK.

What is the difference between the old and new versions and why cannot be set the newer versions with the same settings of the old versions. All the versions appear similar, but with different behavior.

Thank you!

asked Jul 4, 2017 in Android by stefanovmm (120 points)  

This is very strange, can you contact us regarding this issue by using our contact form here:


I cannot fill in the contact form because I'm using free product and the site automatically redirects me to another page. Is it obligatory to have premium product in order to have support.

Thank you!

Our ticketing system is reserved for our Biz customers, however you can write us directly to: android [ at ] zoiper [ dot ] com 

Thank you,

I have sent an e-mail.

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