Echo on receiver end in Mac Desktop version [closed]

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Ever since installing and using Zoiper for Mac with our SIP-enabled vPABX, call recipients have complained of hearing echo at their end. Has anyone experienced similar and what config did you use to fix please? My end is fine. Sometimes, it’s so bad on the recipients’ end, that I can hear their echo.



closed with the note: No longer issue.
asked Oct 23, 2017 in Mac by gamcall (120 points)  
closed Nov 7, 2017 by gamcall


Are you using echo cancelling on both sides ( client and pbx ) ?



Hi Paul,

Turns out, I was at fault as I was using speakers as the output and that was causing the echo on the other end. I should have been using ear/head-phones. All good now, as long as I do so.



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