Can't transfer calls in app

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I am unable to transfer calls within the app. Instead of the button in the tutorial labeled more, it is labeled statistics. Please help.

asked Jan 12, 2018 in iOS by Travis (120 points)  


Did you purchase an in-app upgrade?



I'm not aware of an app that could do that. You are referring to what you can do with a PBX system, and the cellular system cannot act that way. That is why AT&T said they could not do it. I'm not aware of a way to do it outside of a PBX system.

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The call transfer is available as a premium feature in Zoiper. It i as a part of the XFER, CONF, REC, WB, ENCRYPT pakage. Alternatively there is also a Zoiper Premium that can be seen from the next link, which has this feature.

Keep in mind though, that if the PBX does not support call transfers or they are not allowed for your account, you will not be able to use them. Check with your provider for more details about that.

answered Apr 11, 2018 by Ivan (18,410 points)  
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