Iphone 7plus - call button is not activatiing. I can see dark green button

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Hi Friends,

 I am not able to make phone calls using Zoiper. Outgoing  was working fine last week. Its not working now. I am using Zoiper free version as of now. Using IPhone 7 Plus

Please help



asked May 2 in iOS by ana (120 points)  

Hello Ana,

Can you post a screenshot ? Is your account registered ?

thankyou for the reply. Yes I am registered with IAX account. May I know how to upload the screenshot? I cannot find any upload button here.

Please help

Warm Regards


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This issue is currently known. It exists only with Zoiper 3.15 for iOS and affects only IAX accounts. 

Until we release an update with a fix, we can only suggest that you switch from IAX to SIP.

answered May 3 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (23,100 points)  
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