Zoiper times out when trying to register with proper credentials in Windows 10

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I can log in(register) one time with proper credentials as a user. Then Zoiper stops working and times out every time I attempt to re-register my user account using the same credentials.

asked Jun 13, 2018 in Windows by Danm (130 points)  

I can suggest that you try disabling the presence by going to Zoiper -> Settings -> Preferences -> Accounts -> your account -> advanced -> disable the "Subscribe presence", "Publish presence"", and "Voicemail Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)" -> MWI must be set from the drop-down menu to "Disabled".


After disabling the above three, shut down Zoiper and wait for a few minutes. Then start it again and see if it will be able to register. 

Thank you but I am not using Zoiper Pro. So those options are not even available to me when I check the settings  

  I believe my Internet provider which is TELMEX does not support TSL encryption.  There is no other provider available in my area.  do you have any other suggestions that might possibly work?

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