Registration fail when changing network with Push Notification

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I'm using the ZoiperBeta 2.6.26 to see if Push Notification work great In fact, it work but when i change wifi network, ZoiperBeta is not able to reconnect by itself (or not always). I must close the app and reopen to make it work properly.

Is it a known bug or I'm doing something wrong?

asked Sep 18, 2018 in Android by skoub (240 points)  
reshown Dec 12, 2019 by skoub

I am getting this on my Zoiper for Android v2.9.19

On Huawei CLT-L29 (P20 Pro)

I wonder what has happened recently to make it start again?

I have checked the power yes. 

Appears to be working recently... Go figure. 

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We have prepared a fix for this which will be release with our next Zoiper update.

answered Sep 18, 2018 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (28,520 points)  
selected Sep 19, 2018 by skoub

I Switched to paid service to benefit from push but also getting  Bad request - Missing push device token (400). I trust my issue is related to this thread? When is the next release cause Im already being billed for this service

have been being zoiper fans, but............but almost not working on both iphone and android after upgrading.  Wish  the bug could be fixed soon.

Email notice would be appreciated if you have solved this problem.


I believe this issue should have been solved with Zoiper 2.6.39 for Android.

In some rare cases however, you could still encounter it. For example you have a private DNS name for your PBX, pointing to internal IP address.

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