Still problems when call contacts from contactlist with spaces

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Hi, there,

I have Zoiper 2.6.31 with Android 8.1.0 on a Samsung J7 (2017).

When I enter a phone number to the contacts in the international context like


the contact has "automated" generated spaces in the phone number like

+49 5131 1234 98765

I can't delete this spaces in the Android contact list and these phone numbers work fine with the normal phone 

...... but not with Zoiper!  No connection will be astablished. 

When I dial this number manually (without spaces) it works fine!

I could not be the only one with this problem!

asked Oct 30, 2018 in Android by stebo (120 points)  


Try updating to Zoiper 2.6.39, see if you can reproduce the issue. If you can, check the "Number rewriting" section in your account options in Zoiper. There you will find "Strip dial characters" option. Simply add an empty space. This should resolve the issue.

I ran into the same problem with Zoiper 2.16.7 on Android 11 and confirm that the above solution works: just add the space char to "Characters To Strip". No need to check "Use Number Rewriting" (though I do have "Enable Strip Dial Characters" checked).

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