iPhone screen turns & and phone doesn’t wake up when a call is coming through - how to stop this ??

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## HELP PLEASE!!## When using the free Zoiper app on an iPhone I have found no calls come to the phone while it’s in lock mode; no matter what settings are selected. When the phone is not using used the screen turns off and 80% of the time the phone doesn’t wake up when a call is coming through. I volunteer with an all-volunteer wildlife rescue group that uses the Zoiper app and ALL our volunteers with iPhone suffer from this same problem (but not the Andriod users).

Can someone please help with this?? 🙏

asked Nov 14, 2018 in iOS by sharon (210 points)  


iOS no-longer allows applications to work on background. You would need to enable the PUSH notifications in Zoiper. You can find them under Zoiper -> Settings -> Incoming calls.

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