Using automation to connect to related customer URL page in CRM system

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we try to configure automation option to connect our CRM system. Basicly we want to pop up customer page in CRM system automatically when this customer calls us. We almost achived this by using URL Automation and putting $(CALLERNUMBER) variable. But our CRM system accepts customer phone number not starting with 0 i.e 533XXXXXXX but Zoiper URL automation sends $(CALLERNUMBER) variable as 0533XXXXXXX. so this 0 digit at the beginneing of the caller number are stopping us to use this usefull system. How we can drop this 0 from being sent to URL.


asked Sep 24, 2015 in Windows by ersoy (130 points)  

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Zoiper does not support dialplan functionality. You can configure your PBX to remove the leading zero.

answered Sep 24, 2015 by Katina (23,910 points)  
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