How can I achieve that account is only available when the user is at work (connected to the company wlan)

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one of my co-workers is also using Zoiper (and will most likely upgrade). But he wants to be available on his business number only when he is connected to the company wlan (so he does not get business calls when at home).

At work, we are using Port 8933 because the FritzBox grabs Port 5060 for internal SIP client.

I have access to out on site DNS and Firewall, so if a cheat is necessary, these could be used.

I tried entering an ALIAS on the DNS server to replace by

When I use as the registrar, the cloud tk denies the login (401 unauthoriozed). When I use it as a proxy, it does show the wanted functionality but takes forever to login / logout.

Any other thoughts?Other possible ways? Like an app that starts Zoiper when the company wlan is available and shuts it down (or mutes) when the network is out of reach?

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asked May 24, 2019 in Android by ASeitzinger (120 points)  

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Depending on your PBX, (certainly you can do this with FreePBX) you can configure an extension to only authenticate from certain IPs or netblocks, so you can configure this user's extension to only authenticate from your office IP space as would be presented from the device in use in the office. The extension will then fail to authenticate (immediately, no waiting for timeouts) from the user's home network (or in the case of a phone, 3G/4G).

answered Jun 26, 2019 by Soruk (140 points)  

Thanks for your answer. Because my co-worker complained about heavy battery usage on his Samsung (which I think is related to other usage of the phone), I bought a Moto G5+ for his business use. So problem kind of solved... He just leaves that other phone at work...But I will check if that solution also works with my PBX Provider.

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