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I used the last Zoiper android version.

I didn't subscribe to the Push version but without this option, how long time Zoiper can receive incoming call since Zoiper has been started ? 20 minutes later ? 3 hours later?

I couldn't find this answer after researching.

Thank you

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I don't mind purchasing the push option if that can guarantee me to receive phone calls  but in order to save power on the phone, can I just purchase the push option by reverting back the power settings  to their original state?

Or what would be the best approach ( by mixing the push option and power settings)  to receive phone calls  99% of the time wit the lowest battery usage?

When you use the PUSH, the background options are disabled automatically. If the server of your VoIP service provider allows longer registration expiration times and does not send lots of packets, you should have pretty low battery usage.

The voip provider which is OVH told  me the default registration time is 1800 seconds for a sip account.

Should that be enough ?

Also,I noticed we can modified the Registration expiration time in Network Settings in Zoiper Android. By default, it is on 60 seconds.Should that settings be left as it is ?

Thank you


1800 should be fine for the PUSH service. Regarding the expiration time, when you enable the PUSH, it will be extended automatically to the maximum allowed by the server. We will send a register with 1 month and whatever maximum allowed is replied by the server, will be used.

As for Zoiper without the PUSH service, it will be better to keep short registration times.

Thank you for the information!

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