Got "invalid phone number" response when making calls to US and Canada phone numbers

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I've bought Zoiper Premium on my Android 9 phone, Huawei Mate 10. The SiP account that I imported was Callcentric, which worked well on my other older Android 9 phone using Bria Mobile. 

When trying to call most US or Canada mobile phone numbers in Zoiper Premium, I got "the phone number you have called is invalid or out of service". I only successed to call one US phone number. 

Then after spending quite some hours, I found that I had to input the phone number manually from the key pad like 1626xxxxxxx. If choosing a number directly from the contatc list to call like +1 626-xxx-xxxx, it would not work. This is very inconveniant. 

I guess that it might be that Zoiper Premium cannot interprete the phone number in the contact list correctly. What's the problem and how to fix? 

asked Feb 25, 2020 in Android by peytonhe (130 points)  


This happens because your service provider does not simplify and rewrite the numbers on the server side.

Try using the number rewriting feature of Zoiper.

Go to Settings---> Accounts---> your account---> Advanced. Scroll down to Number Rewriting.

Put a check mark in "Enable default country code".

In "Default country for numbers" select the appropriate country (usually your country).

In "Prefix to use for international calls" type 00.

This should convert the number to 001626xxxxxxx, which should be handled fine from the server.

It finally worked after I did the number rewriting configuration in my CallCentric account. Thanks for this instruction. 

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