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I have just purchased Zoiper 5 (osx Mojave) and no matter what I select as input device (it shows them all ) there is NO sound reaching  Zoiper... meters simply dont move when trying ALL my input devices...all other programs work fine, Skype for example...

It doesn't even work with the MacBook Pro internal mic... 

Can you please urgently help , as the product is currently useless with no input

Many thanks 

W Padley 

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Check your Mac system permissions, probably during the first launch you have not provided Zoiper when asked with permission to use the microphone.

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Thanks...that was it ..it need the microphone device allowed even though I'm not actually using the MacBook microphone

Bill P

I have same problem as W Padley. I remember when I installed Zoiper 5 (free version) it asked for permission to use internal microphone and I said no, as I would be using a headset microphone.

I have been trying to uninstall and reinstall but now it doesn't ask for permission to use the internal microphone.

No sound input for Zoiper is working when I make a call.

Thanks for any advice.

R McInnes


You can always change the permissions from your Mac system settings - > Security and Privacy. 

There locate the microphone and enable Zoiper.

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