zoiper iax sip voip softphone (free) now preventing me from recording until I upgrade!

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zoiper iax sip voip softphone installed on iPhone, from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoiper.android.app&hl=en_US

Yesterday, when I went to record a phone call through Zoiper on my cell, there was a lock icon 

next to the record call option in the drop down menu. In order to record the call, it prompted me 

to upgrade the plan to the Combo Plan, which I did not at the time.

This is preventing me from recording. 

Please advise how to fix this. The original install of the zoiper software was free, so why is it 

preventing me from recording unless I upgrade? 

Since I installed the free version, I have been able to record!

Thank you!

asked Jun 1, 2020 in Android by aboulay (120 points)  
recategorized Jun 1, 2020 by Tsetso.Zdravkov

1 Answer

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Due to the changed licensing of Zoiper for Android, this feature is no-longer free.

answered Jun 1, 2020 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (34,270 points)  
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