I am using ZoiPer 3.26.2 and do not get calls or notifications after the iPhone goes into a sleep mode.

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I am currently testing/evaluating the ZoiPer for iOS on an Apple iPhone 8 with iOS version 13.4.1
I am using Zoiper 3.26.2 for iPhone Library revision: v2.10.8.4
The iPhone is used on a local WiFi network only and does not have any cellular service.
My goal was to use this SIP softphone on the iPhone when connected to the local WiFi only.

The Zoiper app works on the iPhone and I am able to make and receive calls.  However, when the iPhone
goes to sleep, I am not able to receive any calls.  I don't get any notification that I have a call and the iPhone
remains in the sleep mode.  I have tried changing the transport to TCP and have the same results.
I tried to use TLS but was not able to register when this setting was selected.
I have selected to use TCP again.

I have purchased and installed the "Push notification subscription" for 1 month for testing.
On the iPhone, under Settings, Zoiper, I have Allow notifications turned on and all alert types selected.
In the Zoiper settings, I have the Background App Refresh turned on.
I still have the same issue of not getting calls after the iPhone has gone into a sleep mode.

Is the Zoiper app suppose to receive calls when the iPhone is in a sleep mode?
Is there something I am missing in the setup or configuration that will allow me to receive calls when the
iPhone is in a sleep mode?

Can someone explain how the purchased "Push notifications subscription" feature works?
Is a cellular service required for the "Push notifications subscription" to work?

Any help you can provide would be great.

asked Jun 1, 2020 in iOS by helpdesk (140 points)  

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