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I am considering your product Zoiper 3 (33.10 price point) for my customers and the Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone for Android.  Both your free and paid products seem to be viable solutions. 

Prior to testing I would like to know if your free clients (Windows and Android) contain any adware (be it popups or within the program itself). In terms of privacy, the rules are pretty strict in Canada so for the free softphone, is any of the information that is typed in the software (DID, email, user profile) used for your direct marketing or for 3rd party marketing?

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Zoiper does not send any information as DID, email, user profile to us. We do not gather such databases, and we do not sell or provide such information about the users of our software to third parties.

Zoiper does not contain adds to third party software and/or services. In the free versions of Zoiper there is a splash screen that advertises Zoiper itself.

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