iOS doesn't receive Push Notification

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I'm using Zoiper on iOS and bought a Push Notification subscription.

However, I don't receive notifications on incoming calls when the app is closed for a while. Incoming calls work when the app is opened.

I know that background apps get terminated on iOS but I assume that at least I will receive a notification on incoming calls (which is not the case).

I'm using a SIP account and tried "SIP" and "SIP+RTP" for the Notifications.

Any ideas on how to get Push Notifications to work?

asked Mar 17, 2021 in iOS by r6203 (140 points)  


Check with your service provider if their maximum registration expiry timeout is not set to 10 minutes or lower. In that case the OS would kill Zoiper and the PUSH notifications socket.

Keep in mind that if you restart your phone, you would still need to launch Zoiper manually, or if you go into no network coverage for long period of time because our PUSH service does not keep your account registered. It only proxies the communication between Zoiper and the server of your service provider.

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