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Zoiper free for linux does not appear to be respecting dns srv records. I have the following records:

$ host -t srv _sip._udp.testzones.ppbx.biz

_sip._udp.testzones.ppbx.biz has SRV record 10 1 5060 kz1.den.kc3.forethought.net.

_sip._udp.testzones.ppbx.biz has SRV record 20 1 5060 kz1.chi.kc3.forethought.net.

I turned off the registrar at kz1.den.kc3, but Zoiper never seems to try the kz1.chi.kc3 address.

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DNS SRV is supported by the free version of Zoiper, but only for SIP accounts.

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I found the problem I was having. Thank you!

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