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I experienced that on the LG Leon (Android Smartphone) there is a much lower volume when talking over VoIP than when talking over regular GSM. Outside the building with additional noise, a conversation can't be performed properly.

This happens not only with Zoiper but also with Skype or Viber, so I believe it is a general VoIP issue.

On other smartphones like iPhone or HTC ( same PBX environment ), the volume is much higher.

Unfortunately there is no setting or app which could help to increase the volume and the LG support does not even try to help. 

Maybe someone here might have an idea what to do?

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Hello, do you experience the issue with certain audio codecs only?

Can't say, as I haven't traced down the codec negotiation, but I suppose It is almost always alaw, as  I am in Europe and I have only alaw, ulaw and gsm enabled.

On the other hand there is the same behaviour with Skype and Viber where I believe that they both use other codecs.

Hello, This seems to be an issue with the LG Leon itself. I have notified my colleagues about it but being a specific device related issue I can not put a time-frame for possible implementation of a fix.

Yes, I also think it is a LG thing and was just wondering if other user experience the same problems and whether there is something I might have overseen in my attempts to get it to work.

Actually I have given up to get this type of phone to collaborate with Zoiper or other VoIP clients and instead I wonder now if there is a list of smartphones which are most suitable to work together with Zoiper?

Thx for your support up to now.

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There is a speaker gain option in Zoiper->Config->Audio, which you can try. Another option in the same menu is the "Audio Driver". Speaker gain should do the trick, but try both, do some tests with them to see which will have better effect with your device.

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