Disable the ability to Change Status

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In the place where I work, version 3.xx for windows is used since it is the simplest and has not used video reference and the program is lighter than version 5.

In the lower left corner, you can set the states or presence (Online / Invisible / Go out to eat / etc).

I need if there is a way that I can only be online, and the only way that the phone does not ring is by closing the program, how can I do it.

And the other question is if there is a way to configure it (in the free version) that is easier to make a transfer (as if it were to program a key, with the logic of the control panel).

From already thank you very much.

Sorry about the bad English, but I'm writing in Spanish and Google is translating it for me, to be able to load the question in the forum

asked Jan 12, 2022 in Windows by psapir (120 points)  

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