Microphone not working in latest version

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Windows 10 pro user (fully updated) with Zoiper 5.5.8 installed on a Dell Inspiron 5770 laptop. Everything works fine. At some point i had updated to version 5.5.10 but after that, the microphone in my USB headset stopped working, so i reverted to 5.5.8. Since then, i have changed headsets (still using USB) and also updated to the latest version (5.5.13). This problem still remains.

The headset microphone works only with version 5.5.8 and not with later versions. No problem is reported, Zoiper seems to think that everything is normal. Is there anything that can be done about it? Can i perhaps search somewhere, in some logs or something?

Please note, the same headset works normally with Skype and Viber.

asked Aug 23, 2022 in Windows by Zoipus (120 points)  

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