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I am running Zoiper on my Android phone (HTC Desire 510) for international phone calls.

For some reason, in the last couple of days, when ever I make a local 
phone call using the default Android Call App, it automatically switches 
to my Zoiper App and tries to make the call within my Zoiper App which I 
dont want it to do.

Can someone assist on how to stop it switching to Zoiper automatically and retain the default Android Call Phone?
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This is happening because you enabled the dialer integration with zoiper (and told it not to ask again but to do this by default).

You can reset this by going to the android settings (not the zoiper settings).

go to apps, go to the phone application (or however your native dialer is called).

clear the defaults

The native dialer integration will now be removed

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Thanks. I did that and clear the defaults to the native phone client (its called Phone) but it is still reverting back to Zoiper when I try to make a call. 

I checked on the both Phone and Zoiper apps and there is no default on either app.

Any other ideas?

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There are probably 2 possibilities:

1. You have enabled "Dialer Integration" in Zoiper "Config" -> "Advanced ". Check if it is enabled and disable it.

2. Your device offered "Complete action using .... Zoiper" when tapping on the "Dialer"/"Phone" appliction. It will also have a check-mark "Always use this application". This will make Zoiper default application to handle calls from Native Dialer. To clear this, go to Android Settings -> Applications, select Zoiper and "Clear defaults".

Number 1 is less likely to be the cause, but please check it.

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