why zoiper crashes constantly and is not able to take the settings

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Im frustrated with your app and i request money back...it is sh**.

From the beginning the setting for my SIP client was crayz...the IT Tech guy on my telecomunication provider needed 1 hour to figure out how to set up the zoiper...

When i was using MicroSip i did it myself in 2min...

Zoper constantly crashes, im getting these errors constantly (403) while my Microsip Client works like charm...

it doesnt connect, it doesnt work!!! 

I checked the 403 eror...NO I DONT HAVE ANY RESTRICTIONS...when i switch to microsip-it works Zoiper dont!!

And one more thing!! why the hell i cant use app on 2 pcs? what are those restrictions for anyway?

Please return my money...

asked Sep 7, 2022 in General by gorankoleznik (120 points)  

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