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Im using Zoiper in windows, until now i used it with a  mic and speakers, i just started to use a LG Tone Infinim with my computer and everything is working just fine but when it comes to Zoiper it just won't detect my bluetooth at all.

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Are you using Zoiper 3 Free or Biz?

Is your windows 7, 8 or 10?

Its Zoiper 3 free, Windows 10

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We have received a couple of similar reports, which all have been resolved after the recent updates for Windows 10.

Regarding  the reported issue, it seems that Windows Update is updating the audio  drivers for some users. After the update process of the audio driver is  finished, users report that the issue is resolved.
If you wish, you  can try to manually uninstall the current audio driver and let MS  Windows to automatically download and install the new audio driver.

You  can do that by opening Windows Device manager and manually try to  uninstall the audio driver. After the audio driver uninstall procedure  is finished, you need to click on the 'Action' button -> Scan for  hardware changes and let Windows to download and install the new audio  driver.

Note that we recommend to ask for help from your system administrator for this procedure.

Zoiper Team cannot be held responsible if any additional issues appear with your system.

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