"Assisted" Call Transfer between extensions (BIZ Version 2.43 Classic)

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Good Evening,
we've purchased 8 zoiper classic 2.43 licenses with g.729 support and we're deploying those licenses to customer endpoint (windows pc clients). Nothing going wrong, but something strange is happening (or maybe we've expected a different way of use): when a user receive a call and he/she wants to make an "assisted transfer" to a partner on the same PBX (so, these extension is an another one on same machine) we make so: 1- accept call on extension "100" 2- talk with interlocutor 3- press LINE 2 to make a call to extension "101" 4- let's ask if extension 101 want to talk with interlocutor, if YES we want to transfer interlocutor that is on hold on line 1 to extension 101, but we're not able to do this because zoiper asks for extension, so we've to ask extension "101" user to hangup and only after we're able to trasfer call to him/her. How can we solve this huge problem?

asked Nov 25, 2015 in Windows by tech_conmet (120 points)  

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Please follow these steps:

1.when the first call on the first line is established, you need to click on an unused line on your Zoiper Classic interface. At this moment the first call will be automatically put on hold.
2. dial the extension of the second person.
3. after talking to the second person click the transfer button.
4. select the other call (line) from the list that you will see in a new window and confirm your choice.

answered Nov 25, 2015 by Katina (23,910 points)  

Perfect, thx for support Katina! 

Problem SOLVED.

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