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hello community,

i have configured zoiper to use TLS transport and SRTP. while a call is established i can see that the signaling has been established secure (marked by a green lock symbol).

how is it possible to identify that the media (SRTP) is also using encryption?

thanks in advance and greetings


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The padlock indicates if the audio is encrypted, so in your case SRTP is in use.

There is no visual indication what transport(UDP,TCP or TLS) is used in Zoiper Classic and in Zoiper 3, but:

- when selecting a transport type, Zoiper will try to establish a connection with it to the server. If it cannot it will not "fall back" to another transport type. This means, if you select TLS, it will either be used or it will fail and the account wont register.

- Wireshark can be used to check on the fly.

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hello anton,

thanks for your answer. so, if the padlock indicates that SRTP is in use, how can i identify that TLS has been used for signaling?

thanks in advance and greetings

I edited my answer to include your additional question.

hello anton,

thanks again for your reply,  i really appreciate it. i could very the TLS connection via tcpdump, thanks for the hint.

i would like to suggest to add a second indicator in a future release of zoiper, maybe during the dial dialog, that indicates that the signaling is indeed done via TLS :)

thanks again and greetings

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