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Since yesterday Zoiper won't register my account when on mobile data. I haven't done any changes to anything whatsoever, it just stopped registering. I'm with LG G2 phone. On wi-fi everything works fine, but that means that every time I go out I'll be losing business. I checked with my mobile data provider and my voip service provider, but the problem is not with them. It's the app. I tried reinstalling, read various questions and answers, tried everything suggested for similar problems, tried resetting the STUN, checked the ports, checked everything, but no success. Please help me solve the problem as I like the app and I don't want to give up on it just yet, but all this is very frustrating.

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Do you see any error messages while trying to register your account?

Which is the exact zoiper product that you are using?

Yes, error 408, timeout. Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone. The app is on automatic update and I think it had an update on Monday night, but I'm not sure. On Tuesday morning - yesterday, when I turned it on I started experiencing the problem and it is like that since.


Usually error 408 is returned when Zoiper can not connect to the VoIP server.

If you experience this issue on mobile data, please check whether the VoIP is not blocked by your Mobile operator.

Please also run Zoiper and go to Config -> Advanced -> Supported networks, then check whether all networks are selected.

No, voip is not blocked by my mobile operator, I checked that with them yesterday, and it is not the configuration settings either, all networks are selected. I tried everything possible. The problem came after the last app update.

Problem solved. If anyone gets a similar problem, check if the antivirus on your device is blocking Zoiper in any way.

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