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If i'm on wifi everything works fine. If i'm on 3g only the outgoing calls work. He says Cloud pbx is ready.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot



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to be able to receive incoming calls your account needs to be registered with the server all the time. Could you please let us know if the issue appears only when the phone is on standby (screen is locked) , or also when Zoiper is open on the screen?

Are you using a SIP account?

If so, please try using TCP transport as UDP is not reliable;

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It's also if the zoiper app is open.

Yes I'm using a sip account.

If I change to TCP or TLS I get an error "Registration failed (Transport failure: no transports left to try...

I have purchased Zoiper Gold.


Jonas Dekkers

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Most probably your provider supports only UDP transport. Lack of incoming calls indicates a NAT related issue, so please try altering STUN and rport options. You can also try using custom STUN server instead of the default one.

I have tried to change the stun an rport options. Without any succes.

Can you give me more information about the custom stun servers?

stun.l.google.com:19302 this is google stun server. 19302 is the port. I doubt stun will help, there is probably some filtering on the firewalls from your Mobile data provider. Try also to disable "random listening port" for SIP in "Connectivity"-"listening ports".

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