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i would like to try this sip client (x-lite is working) - after i entered my credentials the account goes online without problems. Receiving calls is possible! But after dialing a error 487 occurs - any ideas?


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It would be best to check with your VoIP provider for what conditions that response is returned, as the  SIP 487 comes from the server itself and Zoiper is just displaying it.

Apart from that, this response is used when a pending request is canceled and the server sends it to inform you about that.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. The SIP Server is our own Gateway. I couldnt find anything in the logs there

You need to make a packet capture and check, if the server does not have some detailed logs. You might need a capture on the server. You can also try disable all options in Zoiper that you do not need, or change the transport in the account.

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