using zoiper for multiple calls at the same time

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Can Zoiper efficiently and effectively be used to process multiple calls simultaneously?  In other words, I am on a call and a 2nd call comes in to me.  I have observed that I can put the 1st call on hold and then answer the 2nd, but when I put the 2nd call on hold I can go back to the 1st call, but I can never re-access the 2nd call.  I hope someone understands!!  Thanks!  TallDW

asked Dec 14, 2015 in Android by TallDW (160 points)  


Could you please provide a step-by-step instruction of the issue so the QA team can investigate?

I received a helpful answer from Anton.

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Is your question related to 2 VoIP calls?

First, you do not need to "Hold" the first VoIP call when a second one comes in. The first call will automatically be put on Hold when you accept the second one. After that you will see the window with all calls. In that window you just need to select the call you want and it will be automatically Unholded while the previous one will go On Hold.

answered Dec 14, 2015 by Anton (3,950 points)  

Very helpful answer and thank you!  TallDW

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