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Installed Zoiper on Samsung GS3. Great app, but for some reason, I can't dial any extension after the main switch board pickup the phone call. Nor can I key in any numbers to enter some information like credit card, or pass code, etc. Any suggestion on settings? 


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Should be easy to fix!
The configuration in zoiper for the DTMF (keypress events) does not seem to match the configuration used on the server.

There are 3 types of options:
RFC2833 (the keypresses are sent with the media (RTP) as text)
SIP INFO (the keypresses are sent with the signalling (SIP)
Inband (the keypresses are converted to tones and sent as audio (RTP) - awful, doesn't work with compressed codecs, has false positives, could be picked up double because of local playback... by all means avoid this codec unless you really like to live dangerously.

So in short, go to the zoiper settings -> accounts -> "your account" -> features and try changing the DTMF style to one of the first 2. (or the inband as last resort).

The keypresses should now work!

Good luck!

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This is Awesome! I knew it was something like this. Thanks man! The default or what I had was "SIP INFO numeric". Now it's changed to RFC-2833, and works like a charm!

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