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I'm using your program Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone. 

This program is connecting to my VOIP server. 

Also i'm taking log from my VOIP server to log server.

Yestarday I notice that ip is brute forsing my server by changing CallerID.

When it come to my CallerID it's connected.

I think that this IP addres is YOURS.

Is this really your IP address?

And if this really your IP, why your program so works?

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This IP is not related to Zoiper in any way. We do not have any servers that are in our application, except stun.zoiper.com, which is set as default STUN server. Zoiper for Android will also try to connect to oem.zoiper.com in order to allow syncing for Premium Features.

You can use "whois" online services to check the IP and contact the abuse email listed there.

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