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There are two ways to await for incoming SIP calls:

1) use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) or APNS (for iPhone) for wakeup and then establish SIP connection to intermediate server. Obviously this requires intermediate SIP proxy server to know your SIP credentials.

2) establish usual TCP/IP SIP connection and have the phone to awake each time a keep-alive packet arrives, thus draining battery. Also need to bear with reconnections, especially as the phone travels between networks or its IP gets changed.

What method does ZoiPer use?

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Zoiper for end-users (not whitelabel users) is using the second method. The first one is a really bad idea. (It would require us to keep usernames and passwords for several million users.)

It's important to understand how the second method works though, it is a bit more intelligent than it seems :)

In the second method, the application will only be awake for a second or so each 10 minutes (if your re-registration time is 10 minutes or so) and it won't take up 100% cpu.

The real battery killer is the 3g radio, to send 1 packet, the radio will be in full power mode for 30s. (not the 0,1 seconds it takes to send the packet).

Iphones will synchronize it's own push packets together with the TCP packets from other applications.

That means NO additional radio time will be used in the second method compared to the first. Both the PUSH packets and the TCP registration packets will be bundled and sent at once, so that the radio will only go to full power once.

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None of the two is supported. As far as I know, push requires a server in the middle to store user credentials in unencrypted form, e.g. plain text and that is bad.

Zoiper is using Method # 2.

Only Zoiper for Windows Phone uses Push notifications.

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