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Thank you for kindly reply.

I changed setting  to use tcp instead udp.The first problom was fixed.

There have another problem,Zoiper can't autoconnect the Sip Server when I back from outside the company. We must run Zoiper one time.

related to an answer for: iPhone Incoming Calls question
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Currently, when the connection is dropped for some reason, Zoiper cannot automatically reconnect to the PBX if it is in background. You would need to open Zoiper so it will connect the server.

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I have a same problem, that Zoiper occasionally fails to re-register after a lost connection.

The reply, from the Dev on Google Play:

"Zoiper does reconnect in background, but sometimes android tells us the network is up before it is, leading to a failure. It will auto retry though "

But why does Zoiper fail sometimes, whereas e.g. Sipdroid doesn't have that problem?

I prefer Zoiper about Sipdroid, but always checking Zoiper's connection state, or missing incoming calls, is definitely no option!

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