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I'm having some strange issues with making calls using Zoiper. This is on a Lenovo Yogo Tablet 2-830F. Android version 5.0.1 Zoiper version 1.29 for Android, using the Open SLES audio driver and IAX protocol. The network connection is through WiFi.

When making an outbound call from the tablet, to any extension, internal or external number, the recipient does not hear my voice. RX audio from the recipient is received and heard fine. If someone calls the tablet extension, then audio works both ways without issues. 

I have tried using the Java driver, or changing the listening port to not be 'random',  but that does not solve the issue. 

Can anyone offer me additional advice to track down the cause of this and possibly get it fixed? 

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There seems to be quite a lot of issues for that device and Android 5 on Lenovo forums. Did you try the same account on another device? With IAX2 accounts there is nothing to alter as settings except for the Audio Driver and codecs, so try them too.

Hi I'm using zoiper 1.29 for anroid on my Moto E (2nd Generation) with 4G LTE Android 5.1 Build no. LPI23.29-18.9.
When dialing using Host **.***.***.** (Voip). The receipent cannot hear my voice on many occations and for a period of several days on the most recent event. Can someone assist. Seasons Greetings. Steve.

I do not have another device to test on at this time. 

@StevieC I think you already have a ticket in our system and you should have an answer. Please check all folders in your mailbox - the response could be marked as spam.

Are you able to make a packetcapture to see if audio is being received by zoiper ?

You can try using this: https://www.kismetwireless.net/android-pcap/ (but it works only with some devices).

If that doesn't work, it will only be possible to check on the network.

If there is no audio there -> nothing we can do.

If there is audio but we do not play it -> we will need to try to debug it

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