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I have setup a openvpn server on my pfSense router and I can connect and access the internet using that connection but Zoiper is giving this error "No DNS results (923)"

The SIP connection works on wifi and cell networks. 



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Can you try with the IP address of the server instead of the domain?

Why didn't I think of that.

Works fine with IP. 

Can't get incoming calls to work but I guess it's a firewall problem. 

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Since it works with the IP, then you might need to play with the VPN configuration. Something related to DNS in the VPN server setup. I am not very familiar with VPN servers  and cannot guide you for that.

What about the calls? What happens when you try to call your account? Does it go to voicemail? Do you hear ringback but no icoming call displayed on Zoiper? Can you try to disable rport in Network Settings of your account configuration?

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I get nothing, after few seconds the call just hungs up and I get wrong tone in the phone I'm calling from but I'm going to do some more tests. 


might be a good idea to check the server logs if you have access to it. Can you try dialing but keep the phone in front of you to see if a SIP response will be shown on-screen?

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