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Hello everyone,

1. meanwhile I've exchanged lots of chat-messages with contacts on my Galaxy S2. For reporting and safety purposes I need to backup and print the messages, so I'd like to know the file-/ foldername where Zoiper for Android stores the messages on the device.

2. Available options of messages within a conversation are "Copy text" and "View details". I find it very useful to have an additional option "Delete message" to shorten very long threads. 

I think a lot of chat-users would like this feature and I really hope that you can realize it in your coming releases.

Tx a lot!
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Unfortunately it is not possible to extract Chat conversation threads. Zoiper is storing them in a database. Indeed it might be a good idea to provide an option to backup/export them somehow for future versions. We will forward both cases to developers to investigate what could be done.

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Thanks for the info.

What is the name and location of the database, where Zoiper 1.30 stores the chat-messages?

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