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Hi there

I'm a Zoiper Biz user. Since I have zoiper I get headaches getting things to work. Zoiper support gives me answers like "it's not zoiper, its your Voip provider". I noticed similar issues to on the forum. 

This is my biggest issue at this point: There is no audio with outgoing calls. The audio is fine on incomming calls by the way.

It did work at first (after many settings), but then all of a sudden it stopped working. But the odd thing is it stopped working on two laptops.

I've sent Zoiper support a debug log and they say: 

"What you describe indicates a change in your local network. Please check with your network administrator what was changed." They also adviced to play with the STUN settings. I also did this. 

Since I am the network admin and no changes have been made here, this is realy strange. Now what's even stranger: I installed "x Lite" and there are NO problems. It works out of the box on both laptops. 

So this rules out any network related issues in our local network. It also rules out any issue with my Voip provider.

So please take this ZOIPER issue serious and accept there are (perhaps compatibility) issues with this Zoiper version (windows 10).  

Or please give my money back and I'll search for another solution. 

Thanks in advance. 



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It is normal to see this issue on our forum, one way audio or no audio is the most common issue with VOIP. 

This is not a Zoiper issue nor a compatibility issue with Windows 10.

The only settings related to NAT in zoiper are stun and rport, both of them instruct the server where to send the audio to.

Please make a wireshark packetcapture on the pc where zoiper is running, filter out SIP + RTP and check where the server is sending the audio to.

This gives a good overview of the issues you are experiencing:

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Dear Mr. Wijngaarde,

It seems that the email that you are using here and the one you used to contact the support team are different. I am currently searching the ticket with your case.

I am sorry that you had this negative experience and I hope we will be able to assist you further in this investigation.

However, Zoiper community website is mainly directed to Zoiper FREE users.
I will continue our communication in the ticket in our RT system as you are a BIZ user and entitled to premium support.

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Dear Katina,

If you could please help me, my ticketnumber is: #152571

You can respond on that e-mailaddress.



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