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Hello, do you have any experience with using Zoiper on mobile roaming? I am using it in my mobile phone (SIP) and everything works perfect with wifi and mobile data at home.

When I am travelling and using mobile data in roaming I am not able to register and always received enclosed messages.

Registration failed Request timeout 408

Registering (No DNS result 923)

I have the same experience with my mobile operator when I am using SIM card from abroad and register to his network in roaming. With my own SIM card it works without problem.

Can you help me?

thank you for reply

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Is it possible that the operator you are using is blocking the voip data, or you have to request that to be enabled as an additional service?


I have different experience.

VOIP is working without any problem via mobile data when I am not in the roaming.

The same mobile operator, the same country:

1. with my private SIM card VOIP working well.

2. with international SIM card in Roaming it is not possible to register.

thank you for reply.


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Hello, you need to contact your VoIP provider and the mobile data provider for the Roaming in order to check if:

- Voip is not blocked

- access from/to that country is not blocked

Some operators have different subscription plans and voip could be limited. The errors that you see are:

SIP 408 - request cannot reach the VoIP server or the response cannot reach you.

SIP 923 - something wrong with the domain name. server domain name cannot be resolved. You can try using the IP instead.

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Can you give me process how to do it? How to use IP instead of domain name?

thank you

Hello, you will be able to get the ip address of the server from your VoIP provider.

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