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I´m using Zoiper successfuly to make and receive calls, when caller and callee are behind a NAT device. That is, bouth are in the same local network. My SIP Proxy (Registrar) is behind the same NAT.

When the caller moves to Internet, just the callee  and SIP Proxy remain behind the NAT. For this case, I use to configure the default stun server (stun.zoiper.com) for the softphone. When I do this, I see (via wireshark) that softphone and stun server exchange messages. So, the configuration is Ok, I suppose.

However, even using the stun server,the Zoiper still registers itself using the private IP. That is, the Contact header field of SIP REGISTER has the private IP and not the public one.

How to configure Zoiper apropriately so that it will register in the SIP Proxy considering the public IP for sure?

Any hint will be very helpful!

Best Regards.

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which zoiper product are you using and what is your operating system?

We actually have a similar issue. The zoiper clients will connect correctly and then after some time or a PC sleep state they stop sending the STUN provided WAN IP and start using the LAN IP. It typically takes unregistering then reboot the PC to force the IP to correct itself.

We are on 3.9.32144 r32121

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Hello.  Wondering if anyone has had any luck using the zoiper android stun feature?  Equally useful would be any instructions that may exist.  Simply turning it on does not cause the phone to register in my experience so far.

Many thanks if you have an thoughts.

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There are many ways to setup configurations bypassing STUN completely.  Please contact me and I can get you going in no time.

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