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im using Lumia 930, experiencing unable to use the dial pad to interact the call machine operator questions, while in the call.

the only function that can be use are: Speaker, Mute, More..

anyone can please help me explain what is the issue? Or it is all because of Window Phone comment problem with 3rd party apps

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I had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The DTMF settings were consistent with my VOIP service provider.

My VOIP service provider recommended that I uninstall and then re-install Zoiper.

That worked, problem resolved.

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You might need to use a different DTMF type.
Run zoiper, go to Settings -> accounts and select your account.
Open it for editing, then scroll right until you reach the "Features" screen.
There you can change the DTMF type according to your provider's recommendation.

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i changed my DTMF setting to 'disabled' the dial pad has came back.

also tried the other two setting, inband & RFC-2833 both work just fine.

the issue is with the SIP info (numeric).

many Thanks Katina!

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