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Is there an ETA for zoiper 5 ? 

I am waiting for Google contact integration before I upgrade to BIZ

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Ok. Clearly I am only allowed one test licence, which is fine.

Back to my original question - Is there an ETA for Zoiper 5

At the moment I can not provide an accurate ETA for the first official release. I am informed that GC is working as expected in the latest build. I believe my colleagues had sent it to you by email. Currently I am unable to find your request in our RT as the email you are using here and the one you are using there are not the same.

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please contact us on labs at zoiper dot com and my colleagues will provide you with a test license for Zoiper 5

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Ok. I had already tied a beta a few months ago. I found it to be a bit "early" in the dev cycle...

Perhaps I will try it again.


There are new builds with implementations regularly. Contact my colleagues and they will provide you with the most recent links.

Thanks - have done so

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