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I have a headset plugged into my laptop.

In the Audio | Device sub-tab, I have configured the input/output device to be the headset. And, (at least I think this is correct), I have configured the normal laptop speaker as the speakerphone, and the mic on my webcam as the microphone.

However, when I switch to "speakerphone" there is no sound. Even when I remove the headset, and I once hit the speakerphone, no sound. 

Is this a Windows or a Zoiper issue. Thanks.

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are you using a USB headset or it is with standard jack connectors?

standard 3.5mm jack

If you are plugging a headset with jack connector the other devices that are using the same audio adapter will not work. For example, on a computer that has rear and front output sockets, if you connect your speakers to the rear socket and the headphones to the front socket, only the socket selected in Windows Audio devices will play sound.

Also, please note that you need to connect both microphone and output jacks to have audio.

so it is a Windows issue. Tgank you
so, ut js a

Actually it is default behavior

If you need zoiper to be able to use headset and speakers at the same time, you can try using a USB headset as default device and speakers additionally.

I answered the wrong post. Oops. 

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