Zoiper drains my battery even when inactive

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What is Zoiper doing to drain my battery even when I set it as inactive on my mobile phone (because I want my computer to receive calls when I am at home)?

asked Jan 21, 2016 in Android by Tooc (180 points)  


At the moment Zoiper does not support hotspot preferences, however it is in our to-do list for the future releases.

Could you please tell us more about:

- how did you discover that it is zoiper that is draining your battery?

- what is the exact version of Zoiper that you are using?

- what are the brand and model of your android device?

- do you completely exit Zoiper, or do you just unregister the account?

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I have not installed any other app on my Samsung Note 3 (SM N9005 Android v5.0) for a long time so I am familiar with how quickly the battery runs down.

After installing Zoiper (1.30) and registering with my provider I noticed immediately that the battery was running down a lot faster. Then I set Zoiper as inactive so that I could register my computer to receive and make calls instead. The battery continued to be consumed seemingly as before.

So I did a 'force stop' which has put matters back to how they were before installing Zoiper.

answered Jan 21, 2016 by Tooc (180 points)  

there is no question here :)

Zoiper needs to keep a connection to the server at all times, that means sending a packet every minute or so when using udp and every 10+ minutes with TCP.

This transmitting is what is using most of the battery life.

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